Further Afield

Sam Trioli - Monotype (glass plate transfer) III


Image of Sam Trioli - Monotype (glass plate transfer) III

14 x 11 inches
Enamel on paper
Monotype (glass pate transfer)
Published by Further Afield
Signed on the back

The 'Glass Pare Transfer Series’, created by Sam Trioli, is comprised of single glass plate transfer. This series was created as part of the "2016-2017" grouping of paintings. The prints themselves act as more of a isolated moment, and in a sense a detail of the larger ideas and works on canvas. As Trioli explains, "these pieces symbolize the letting go of much of the control within this series of work. I set up each plate with very slight intentions, allowing the framework I create to gently influence the end results of the finished piece."

Each of the prints from this series are unique and one of a kind.