Further Afield

Sam Trioli - Harry S. Truman Edition


Image of Sam Trioli - Harry S. Truman Edition

11 x 8.5 inches
Archival pigment print, spay enamel
Edition of 5, uniquely altered
Signed and numbered
Published by Further Afield

The 'Harry & Bess Truman Series’, created by Sam Trioli, is comprised of limited edition of uniquely altered prints. This series was created as part of the exhibition titled "S." which focused on the first few months of the Truman Presidency. The prints themselves play with the slow stepping into the shadows as a person, president and leader in American politics. Though sold seperatly, the potraits of Bess and Harry accompany one another as art pieces, political leaders, and life partners.

Each of the prints from this series are unique and one of a kind.